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A year ago I wouldn’t have even dreamt I would be sitting here writing an about page for MY flower farm. I had followed many youtube flower farmers and always thought how amazing it would be if I had that kind of space to grow rows and rows of flowers. Sometimes your reality can be even better than what you even dreamt is possible, and that it how I describe the farm.

The morning before I saw the farm or even knew it existed I had a checkup at my doctor. Early that day my husband told me he wanted to take me out east to buy flowers of course. We were on a tight schedule and I told him there was no way we could make it out east there and back in time to pick up our 3 children from school knowing that I would probably be waiting in the doctor’s office the usual hour. When I arrived to check in the nurse took me right in, the doctor was in the hallway laughed, and said 3 people before I canceled and that I should play the lottery! Little did I know he would be completely right!! The check-up was quick and I was out in 20 minutes, record time, I called my husband from the car and I told him we could make it out east to shop for flowers.

My husband had found a greenhouse that sold the exact flowers I wanted but couldn’t find anywhere near us. When we got there we met the wonderful farmer who toured me around his greenhouses and I was in awe of the beautiful flowers I had wanted to grow. We got talking to the farmer about my love for growing flowers and how I had run out of space in my yard and was planting in my mother’s yard and even at a friend’s house. He told me that if I ever wanted to grow anything he had an extra acre of land he wasn’t going to use and could lease to us.

At first, I didn’t think this was something that was even possible to do. How could we start from scratch, take an open overgrown field and make it a flower farm? We already have a busy life with 3 kids and full-time jobs. That week I couldn’t stop thinking about having my very own flower farm. This is something I watch people do and dream of but never thought I could have, well here it was, the opportunity right in front of me, I could not let it go without trying it!

That was it, 3 long months of putting together a flower farm. Hand seeding every flower that is on the farm. Building a space that I knew was not just for me but for everyone to come and experience. The peace and serenity this farm has brought me I want to share with others. It’s funny because that doctor was right who told me I should play the lottery that day because I feel like I won.